Relationship Check In

Relationship Check In [Part one of three]  A week after Ayla was born Stuart and I had our first relationship check in. I heard about this concept on the amazing Project Love podcast in this [...]

I’m ok, I’m not ok

My editor is back. Yesterday she was in my head as I was hanging the washing, “so you really thought you could live without me?” Yes. I genuinely did. I felt so free, the truth is lockdown [...]

The white noise of shame

I think it was Brené Brown who I heard say something along the lines of it not being the pain that causes the suffering, it is the shame about the pain.  These last two weeks I have been feeling [...]

Expat or Immigrant?

What is the difference? I never really liked the term expat and it wasn’t until fairly recently when writing copy for my website that I started to explore my resistance to it. After all, the [...]