One-to-one Coaching

8 x 1.5 hr online coaching sessions


You know you can be more, do more, live more and yet you just don’t know how. Perhaps you have clear ideas of where you want to go and you simply need a soundboard or some guidance on how best to get there. Maybe you are struggling with an area of your life right now and finding it hard to make a decision on what to do.

Coaching is all about achieving whatever it is that you want to get out of your life. These sessions designed to do just that. I will support you to understand yourself at a deeper level. As a result of these calls you will be more in your power and on track to achieving your life goals.

During the calls you will clarify what you want in different areas of your life, understanding why you want those things – and look at your bigger WHY in the world. Based on this we then design a plan for you to start taking action immediately in creating your ideal life.


This coaching package with me involves 8 x 1.5 hr one-to-one sessions online, these calls are either weekly or biweekly. We will decide together what works best for you. There will be different exercises for you to do in-between sessions and these will be tailored bespoke to your needs and what it is you want to achieve out of the coaching. The package also includes unlimited email support and a ‘freak out’ call if you come up against stuff and need some on the spot coaching!


The calls will be designed to meet your specific needs and most likely during these calls you will:

  • Discover your top five passions in priority order using The Passion Test
  • Understand your why – what your drive is in life
  • Identify the barriers and blocks that are holding you back
  • Learn tools to overcome those barriers and blocks and to start living full out
  • Create a clear action plan on how to take action in creating a life that you absolutely love
  • Begin to rewire your mind and your heart for success



Before working with Katie, I was living in a very difficult moment that made me that made me feel broken inside of me. Working with Katie has helped me to come back home to me, to myself, and turn on again the inner light. Also I have found my road again, Katie helped me to identify in a very clear way what I wanted to create in my life because of me and not because of what other people wanted me to do, or all those things that I thought or believed that other people wanted me to do. One of the biggest achievements of working with Katie has been loving myself again and for me loving myself is one of the most important bases for me to create the life I want to have. Now, I am moving and working towards my dreams and now when things don’t happen as I plan to I stop I take a deep breath and I smile and I remember that this is life, and I am living from trust and not from fear anymore.


When I met Katie a year and a half ago, I felt trapped, aimless and really frustrated. I had chronic anxiety and I was really unsatisfied with my career, but I didn’t know what I would rather be doing with my life. What I really lacked was clarity –I knew I wouldn’t be able to get anywhere without it, but I didn’t know how to find it.

Previously I had a really negative experience with a very expensive coach, so when I first met Katie I was quite sceptical. However, one day she offered a half-day group Passion Test workshop, and it was there that she won me over with her enthusiasm, kindness and empathy. I could tell that she was genuinely passionate and talented at helping others find the “spark that lights you up,” so I signed up to do the full Passion Test with her, as well as one-to-one coaching sessions.

Thanks to Katie, not only did I find clarity, I realised that I have known that I’m passionate about filmmaking for years now, but I was just afraid to own it, to say it out loud, and to pursue it head on.

In the following months, I wrote and directed my first short film, which was named best experimental film, and was screened at more than ten festivals around the world, and started working on a documentary.

Most recently, I quit my job to pursue directing full time, and just two days later, I found out that the documentary I’ve been working on was picked up by a major broadcaster – which means I’m now a paid director, and my first feature film will appear on their network! It still feels a bit surreal.

Working with Katie has had a real and profound impact on my life, and I will be forever grateful for the clarity, encouragement, focus and strength she has shared with me.

Learn how to be more, do more,
live more and create a life you love from today

€1500 (incl tax)