This programme is for the woman who…

  • feels unclear, frustrated, overwhelmed, unfulfilled and who knows deep down that she is capable of so much more than she is currently doing
  • sets goals for herself and fails to meet them and then beats herself up about it
  • no longer believes in New Year’s Resolutions or goal-setting for fear of failure
  • wants to change her life but just doesn’t know quite what she wants or indeed how to go about making changes
  • is seeking purpose and meaning in her life.


Transform the different areas of your life with this practical online course based on a variety of techniques from coaching, mindfulness, therapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming, some of the greatest tools used by top transformational leaders and a number of techniques I have learned over the last 20 years.

This programme is all about pressing the RESET button on your life. During the programme you will get crystal clear on what you want your ideal life to look like and how to start making steps towards that life now, today! You will learn how to create a clear set of desired goals and you will learn techniques on how to achieve those goals. A Whole New You is designed to support you to move from a sense of frustration to an experience of flow, energy and excitement for life. By going through the modules, you will develop more courage and start to develop an unshakeable sense of self worth.

The programme is designed for you to deepen your self-awareness to bring those beliefs, those assumptions, those thoughts and patterns that have held you back in the past to a conscious level. It’s about reflecting on the last 12 months and looking at what worked for you and what could be improved. It involves looking at the unmet goals you have set in the past (or dreams you have been harbouring) and addressing the reasons that you haven’t yet achieved them.

You’ll learn how to achieve what you set out to and get an insight into what all those people who seemingly ‘have it all’ are up to behind-the-scenes to further their career, manage their self-care and create a life they love.

A Whole New You is about creating an exciting long term vision for yourself and creating new goals that fill you up with energy and excitement for life and taking action action action in making them happen.

The programme was born out of a set of rituals and practices that my husband and I have been doing at the start of the New Year for the last few years. I started to share these practices with clients and to see the results they got and the new level of clarity and energy that these exercises bring them. I soon realised that it doesn’t have to be that these processes are done at the start of the calendar year, they can be done anytime! They simply provide a great opportunity to do a stock take on your life and to figure out how you want to move forward and how you want the next 12 months to look.

The online course is broken into 5 modules. The modules are specifically designed to share key strategies to overcome each of the 5 top reasons why people don’t meet the goals that they set themselves. By doing this you can adopt these strategies yourself and be unstoppable in your goal getting.


  • A step-by-step practical and motivating video for each module which explains the key concepts and shares strategies to put in place to create your ideal life.
  • PDF downloadable worksheets for each exercise. Each module has at least one worksheet and some have up to 5. These worksheets are designed to take you through a powerful process of deepening your insights into yourself, your goals and precisely how to get where you want to go. Doing the worksheets is the juicy part of the transformation process. Without actually doing the work, it is all just theory and you minimise your chances of actually changing and improving your life.
  • For those of you who would rather watch a video than read a document, every downloadable worksheet has a video to accompany it that explains the exercise in detail.
  • Suggested inspiring articles, books and suggested resources to watch to keep you on track, motivated, achieving your goals and living your best life!
  • Audio meditations

MODULE 1: New Beginnings

Before you can begin to create your ideal life, before imagining a powerful long term vision for yourself and setting yourself clear goals along the way, it is necessary to take stock of your current reality. In this module you will go through a powerful reflection exercise looking back over the last year of your life. You’ll take a long honest look at what happened, celebrate yourself for your achievements and reflect on the lessons that you learned, and let go of the stuff that no longer serves you, so you can start afresh with a strong foundation on which to build your ideal year.

MODULE 2: Develop your Mindset

One of the 5 main reasons why people don’t keep their commitments to themselves (be it New Year’s Resolutions or goals they set themselves) is because the personal belief system gets in the way and blocks them from success. Ever heard the phrase from Henry Ford “Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you’re right”? So this module is all about understanding your programming, your beliefs, becoming aware of them and and the impact that they have on you and learning how to get out of your own way, release negativity and develop a positive mindset for success.

MODULE 3: Get Crystal Clear on your Ideal Life and ‘You be You’

Loosely defined goals like “get in shape” “earn more money” “travel more” are too vague to measure up against. What do they mean anyway? Not being clear on what you want and not being true to yourself are two key reasons that people fail to meet the goals they set themselves. This module focuses on you creating a vision for yourself that truly excites you, identifying your core values and creating a purpose statement. In so doing you will start to get crystal clear about your heart’s desires and at the same time you will be in touch with the essence of you, I love what Janet Bray Attwood says about this ‘You be You’ because let’s face it everyone else is taken!

MODULE 4: Get Present

We live in a world of mass-distraction, it is so easy to get distracted both from our day to day activities and from our bigger life dreams and goals. This module is about bringing you back to the here and now and helping you to connect with the present moment and connect with your deepest desires in life and start making them a reality. You will learn an NLP technique to improve your clarity, confidence and focus. You will learn how to do ‘The Stop’ a powerful mindfulness meditation and a variety of tools and techniques to calm your nervous system, reduce your stress levels and increase your experience of joy, thankfulness and fun in your life!

MODULE 5: Plan and action, action, action

The fifth main reason why so many people fail at achieving their goals is because they commit to a goal, fully knowing that they have no plan in place to actually achieve it. On the flipside of this (and I have seen this with some of my clients) others of you may spend an extraordinary amount of time creating a beautiful plan of action, and yet you fail to execute it. This module is about both learning how to plan effectively, to understand what is getting in the way of you taking action and to breakthrough this and take action, action, action towards creating a life that you absolutely love.

Staying motivated and what to do when s**t goes down

In working towards your goals, invariably there will be times when you come up against ‘stuff’, sometimes this will be your own stuff, sometimes you will experience external challenges, you might just lose your mojo. Don’t fear! This module has top tips on what to do to stay motivated and how to overcome barriers that you come up against.

Everything you need to know about creating a life you love and setting and achieving your goals, you are just moments away from making the next 12 months your best ever!

€197 (incl. tax)